Our experienced technicians will find the perfect server for you, the one that meets your needs best, and accompany your business from the installation stage till the after support.

The first step is matching the server that suits you and your business best. Since the market full with lots of different servers that each one fits a different type of job and field, therefore a professional matching is necessary and our technicians will provide it.

In the second stage after identifying the appropriate server, there come the part of the installationof the server. At this stage, professional skills needed to prevent future problems and for a successful use of the server. Later at this step, we will inform you with everything that you'll need to know about your new server, how to use it properly and to maximize the use.

The third step is maintenance, we will give you continuous maintenance and follow up. We will also keep you updated with all the upgrades that your server needs.

The next stage is is support. We will answer any question you'll have, any malfunction encountered and basically everything about your new server.

In the final stage we will backupyour server content in two options; cloud backup services or local backup.

Local backup:
Backup on external or internal media - backing up servers and computer stations. We're also making DRP (Recovery Plan) for each computer.

Cloud backup services:
Cloud computing service means backing up your servers' content on a remote computer in our offices, that's connected to your computers through communication lines and Internet.

The purpose of the cloud service is to keep all of your files and computers activities safe in a computer system that placed in our company. The cloud allows storage and backup of your important content and the use of it wherever you'll need it.

Now days, every business needs cloud services so they could be sure that their important contents is in a safe place.

The different types of the servers:

• Mail- receiving and sending e-mails. • Storage- serve as a backup for keeping the organizational stability in case that a server will crash or loss data.

• Storage- serve as a backup for keeping the organizational stability in case that a server will crash or loss data.

• Files- server that store your files. That kind of file storage, allows file sharing between different users within your business.

• Application- this server is for organizations' software and systems software.

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