Computer Services

Computer Services For small and medium businesses

Algoma-Tech offers a comprehensive package of computing services to small and medium businesses. The company provides the following services:

• technical services

• ongoing server management and maintenance using remote and/or local support

• sales of computer software and equipment

We pride ourselves on providing all of these services professionally, quickly and at the highest quality. We are committed to respond to our client’s needs - your needs - with top notch service and a fair price. Our team of professional and trusted technicians is always available for any question you have and willing to handle any situation.

Our monthly service retainer covers your business at all times and allows us to solve any problem you might have quickly to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Why does your business need a computing service?

In our technological era, most business are highly computerized and networked. In this fast changing world, it is imperative to stay on top of all developments. With our services you can be assured that you will receive the best solutions for your business, starting with the installation of computer systems through support, consulting and troubleshooting to enable smooth operation.

Why Algoma?

In the past 7 years, Algoma has provided computing services to more than 100 satisfied and loyal clients. These business owners found that working with us has many benefits; reliability, professionalism, quick response time and courtesy.

Algoma’s technicians specialize in tailoring the best computer system to suit your business needs while giving each client personal attention. After identifying the system that works best for you, we stick around to give you full support so you can gain the best from your new and existing computer systems.

Our motto is - In computing-everything is possible!

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